White Pelicans

Every month the Elkhorn Slough’s website www.elkhornslough.org holds a photo contest. This month the winning shot features white pelicans.

American White Pelicans by Jim Duckworth

American White Pelicans by Jim Duckworth


This is a beautiful bird that is not commonly seen at the slough. I have seen these birds in the area over the last month circling in groups overhead, herding fish in the shallows, and enjoying the quiet wetlands all over Watsonville.

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  1. I have been photographing these awesome birds at Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park in northern California during the spring and summer. They left in early October to go south for the winter. Hopefully some of them will spend the winter at Elkhorn Slough. They are very gregarious and like to hang out together, both when fishing and just relaxing in the sun. They are especially interesting during the spring mating season wnen a huge bump appears on the bill and a tuff of white feathers shows up on the top of the head. I believe it is just on the males, but i am not sure.

    Jim Duckworth

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