Elkhorn Slough Reserve Sightings – June 2009

South Marsh Loop: American White Pelicans; Loon spp.; Western Grebe; Clark’s Grebe; Double-crested Cormorants; Great Blue Heron; Great & Snowy Egrets; Black-crowned Night Herons; Green Heron; Northern Pintails; Canada Geese; Mallards;  Northern Harrier; Turkey Vulture;  White-tailed Kite; Red-shouldered Hawk; Red-tailed Hawk; Sharp-shinned Hawk; California Quail; Killdeer; Willets; American Avocets; Black-bellied Plovers; Greater Yellowlegs; Long-billed Curlew; Whimbrel; Marbled Godwit; Dunlins; Spotted Sandpiper; Sandpiper spp.; Dowitchers spp.; Ring-billed Gull; Western Gull; Mourning Dove; Barn Owl; Great-horned Owl; Caspian Tern; Forster’s Tern; Band-tailed Pigeons; Anna’s Hummingbird; Allen’s Hummingbird; Rufous Hummingbird; Belted Kingfisher; Acorn & Downy, Nuttall’s Woodpecker; Pacific-sloped Flycatcher; Black Phoebe; Steller’s Jay; Western Scrub-Jay; Hutton’s Vireo; American Crow; Raven; Barn, Tree, Cliff & Violet-green Swallows; Chestnut-backed Chickadee; Oak Titmouse; Western Bluebird; European Starling; Bushtit;  Bewick’s Wren; Ruby-crowned Kinglet; Western Kingbird; Common Yellowthroat; Wilson’s Warbler; Audubon Warbler; Spotted Towhee; California Towhee; Song Sparrow; Brewer’s Blackbird; Red-winged Blackbirds; Brown-headed Cowbirds; Western Meadowlark; Black-headed Grosbeak; American Robin; Wrentit; House Finch; House Sparrow;  Dark-eyed Junco; White & Golden-crowned Sparrow;  American Goldfinch

Long Valley: Marbled Godwits; Western Kingbird; American Crow; Cliff Swallow;

Chestnut-backed Chickadee; California & Spotted Towhee

Jetty Road : Western Grebe; Brown Pelican; Double-crested Cormorants; Marbled Godwits; Great & Snowy Egrets; Willets; Western Gulls

Visitor Center : Western Bluebirds

Thanks again to our spotters: Annie McNeill; Katherine Klein, Shirley Murphy, Marth Kenner, Mark    Paxton; Linda Jordon, Plant ladies and your reporter Sheryl Gaebelein

Barn owls fledged from box behind Visitors Center about May 1-3 – Shirley

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  1. Does anyone know what has brought the White Pelicans to our area? My bird book doesn’t even list them as birds of the Pacific Coast. Is it as rare to see them here? I’ve never seen them before.

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