A few sightings from the Reserve

Some sightings from a frequent contributor, May 5, 2011…

The deer was seen at 4:30pm at Whistlestop Lagoon.

The wild turkey was seen about 4:50 pm in the brush just below the spotting scopes. I heard something moving in the tall brush on the left as you  climb to the scopes. Once  the turkey spotted me, it ran out and crossed toward the road leading to the barn.

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  1. See Otter in our boat!
    After about an 1 1/2 paddle this little guy decided to checkout our boat, from the inside!
    We kept our distance and didn’t react, other than total amazement and taking pictures. The otter had a pink tag on it’s flippers. It acted hungry and was scouting for snacks, I’ve never seen anyone feed an otter at Elk Horn Slough, but he showed no fear of humans, I wonder if it was a rescued animal that had been released.

  2. Hi Tim, This has happened before. Otters that have been rehabilitated are released back into the slough, so perhaps this was one. It’s always best not to react as these animals are wild and can be aggressive. Sounds like all ended well.

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