Surfing Deer in Moss Landing

This footage was taken in Moss Landing by Ryan Gobler

Witnesses nicknamed it “the surfing deer” because of its water skills.

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3 Comments On “Surfing Deer in Moss Landing”

  1. Could that “deer” have been a Tule Elk?

    • Hi Karen,
      That’s a good question. Several people saw this and everyone confirmed it was a deer. Historically, elk did live in the area, but are no elk running wild in our area anymore. Monterey County does have a herd out at the Fort Hunter Liggett military base. If there were any elk sightings in the area, it would cause quite a stir, because these animals so closely watched and managed.

      Best, Lisa, Elkhorn Slough Foundation

      • I appreciate your thoughtful response. I wasn’t sure if there were any herds somewhere between Sunol & Joseph D Grant parks and the Fort Hunter Liggett area. Thank you, Lisa.

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