Bald Eagle at Elkhorn Slough

This photo was taken Saturday morning, Feb. 07, 2014, on Hummingbird Island at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve by George Kellogg. Looks to be carrying a bird.
Bald Eagle
“I was with Elkhorn Slough guide Stanley Dudek and my wife Patti.
Just minutes before, Stanley and I were talking about about no sightings of Bald Eagles in the slough area.
As we started to leave, Patti spotted a large bird taking off from the eucalyptus trees and I had only  seconds to capture several photos of this wonderful bird. It appears it is carrying a rodent or something.
When we first arrived at the sough Patti spotted a large bird out over the slough thinking it might be eagle, but I was telling her it was a vulture, Patti may have been right.
Thank You, George”

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  1. While lining up at lunch last December, dozens of students at Ohlone Elementary (on Salinas Road five miles from Elkhorn Slough) saw a pair of Bald Eagles fly just 50 feet from our school buildings. It was amazing! I wish I had my camera at the time: the species is so distinct. Has anyone else seen them recently?

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